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Calathea Insignis

Latin name

Calathea insignis



Common name

Rattlesnake Plant


Rio de Janario, Brazil

How easy am I to care for?

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The Calathea insignis, also known as the “Rattlesnake Plant” is native to Rio de Janeiro where it lives on the rainforest floor. It has beautiful, distinctive patterns on the foilage and deep purple undersides.

As a member of the Prayer Plant family, the leaves of this Calathea will characteristically ‘pray’, folding up at night before re-opening again in the morning. This is known as nyctinasty – it allows the plant to absorb as much light as possible, helps to absolbe water and reduces the risk of fungi and bacteria forming on the leaves.

Caring for your plant



Calatheas can be fussy about their locations, but prefer bright indirect sunlight. Position it further away from bright windows, but still lit by natural light.


The insignis benefits from high humidity, but wet soil can quickly lead to root rot.


The Calathea Insignis doesn’t normally require pruning. However, if the leaves look in bad condition the whole leaf can be removed with a sharp knife or pair of scissors near the stem. Slight chrisping on the tips of the leaves can be carefully cut away with a sharp pair of scissors


Feed the Insignis with a liqued fertiliser fortnightly over the warm. Not required during winter.

Pest & Diseases

This plant may be attacked by whitefly and red spider mite.

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