Dracaena Janet Craig

Latin name

Dracaena fragrans ‘Janet Craig’


Common name

Janet Craig


How easy is it care for?

The Draceana fragrans Janet Craig has lush, shiny, wide leaves with wavy edges. In its native tropical areas of Africa, this plant can grow as tall as 45m. In side the Janet Craig is a very popular house or office plant. Often planted with 3 stalks of differing heights to make the stay looking bushy and full as it matures.

Caring for your plant


It survives low light levels, but will thrive in filtered, indirect lights. Avoid direct sunlight.


The ‘Janet Craig’ will tolerate most things – but not soggy soil. Water thoroually allowing the top 2-3 cm of water to dry out between waterings. Too much water


Prune in spring or early summer to control it’s growth. If you cut off the cane, it will sprout new of leaves from where it was cut.


The Dracaena will benefit from a liquid plant food every second watering during the growing season.

Pest & Diseases

The Dracaene is relativly easy to care for – however spider mites may attack during the winter months when the air is dry.

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