Ficus Robusta "Rubber Plant"

Latin name

Ficus elastica


(“FYE-kus ee-LASS-tick-uh”)

Common name

Rubber Tree


East Asia

How easy is it care for?

Ficus elastica, the Rubber Plant, is an attractive large-leaved foliage plant with very dark, glossy oval leaves that have a pale, almost grey, underside. The leaves emerge from red leaf sheaths

Caring for your plant


Bright but indirect light.


Water when the soil becomes slightly dry at the top. Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering.


Pruning should be done with a sharp blade, trim just above a node or growing point. Individual stems can be trimmed to length – leave a minimum of two leaves.


Apply a weak dose of fertiliser once or twice a month during Spring and Summer

Pest & Diseases

Healthy rubber tree plants tend to be pest resistant. However, they can be infested by sap-sucking pasts such as Aphids, Scale, Spider Mites or Thrips.

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