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Ficus Lyrata “Fiddle Leaf Fig”

Latin name

Ficus lyrata


(“FY-kus ly-RAH-tah”)

Common name

Ficus lyrata


Tropical West Africa, from Cameroon to Sierra Leone

How easy am I to care for?

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Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Ficus lyrata, is a large-leaved member of the fig family and a popular floor-standing houseplant.

This species originates in the tropics of West Africa, where in the wild it climbs up the trunks of larger trees before getting large enough to form its own trunk.

They are excellent small specimen houseplants, although they are also often used as large trees inside buildings.

The leaves are shaped like a lyre (an ancient guitar-like instrument), or fiddle (hence both its scientific and common names) and they can grow up to 40cm long. One of their most attractive features are the prominent pale veins that contrast nicely against the dark green leaves.

Caring for your plant



Medium to high light.


Can tolerate quite dry conditions, so allow the soil to dry a little between watering.


Prune when it gets straggly, but most plants have a compact head and rarely need pruning


Either use a controlled release fertilizer in the spring, or add some dilute fertilizer to the water every time you water the plant

Pest & Diseases

Mealybugs and scale insects can be troublesome – if you see them, wipe them off with a clean cloth. Two-spotted spider mites are also an occasional problem, especially in dry areas (mites hate humidity), but once established can be quite damaging. As soon as you see the characteristic webbing, spray with tepid water and wipe off all the webbing – you may need to repeat several times.

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