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Monstera “Monkey Leaf”

Latin name

Monstera adansonii


(“mon-STIR-rah ad-an-SO-nee-eye”)

Common name

Adanson’s monstera


Northern half of South America, most of Central America and the Caribbean

How easy am I to care for?

Buy one of my cousins from the nursery:

Monstera ‘Monkey leaf’, known as Monstera adansonii or Adanson’s monstera, is a smaller version of the famous Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa). This plant species has only recently gained popularity as a houseplant having previously been considered tricky to keep. It is quite a fast-growing house plant, with new leaves produced every few weeks. It can be trained around a moss pole to make a climbing plant or allowed to trail over the edge of its pot.

A climbing plant with deep green leaves and distinctive holes in the leaves (which allow wind to pass through the foliage without risking too much damage), this plant spends its life climbing up the trunks and branches of trees in the forests of Central America and the Caribbean.

The leaves are smaller, rounder, thinner and less glossy than Monstera deliciosa.

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Caring for your plant



Low to medium light.


Keep the soil moist, but not wet and allow to dry out a little between watering. Wet soil will cause the roots to rot


Leggy stems can be cut back to encourage branching and more bushy growth – always use a sharp knife or secateurs


A weak solution of fertilizer added to the water at each watering will be sufficient

Pest & Diseases

Generally pest free, but mealybugs and two-spotted spider mites can be an occasional problem. Keep the plant misted to deter spider mites, and remove mealybugs when you see them by wiping off with a damp cloth or paper towel.

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