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Strelitzia ‘Bird of Paradise’

Latin name

Strelitzia reginae


(strell-IT-zee-ah rej-EEN-eh-ah)

Common name

Bird of Paradise


South Africa

How easy am I to care for?

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Related to, and resembling, a banana plant, Strelitzia reginae is a compact, clump-forming perennial. It grows up to 1.5m and has long, lanceolate, grey-green leaves.

The most impressive feature of the plant is its strikingly exotic and long-lived inflorescence. Long-stemmed flowers emerge from a boat-shaped, red-margined, spathe resembling the head of a bird. The individual flowers have three bright orange tepals surrounding three shimmering peacock-blue petals, two of which are fused to form a nectary. The plant is pollinated by humming birds.

Caring for your plant



Bright, but diffused, light is necessary. This plant does well in a conservatory


Quite a heavy water user, but the compost should be allowed to dry out a little between watering.


Dead leaves and spent blooms should be cut off with a sharp knife or secateurs. Otherwise, no pruning is necessary.


A dilute solution of fertilizer can be added to the water every time you water the plant. Add more fertilizer in the spring and summer.

Pest & Diseases

prone to attack by mealybugs and other sap-sucking insects.

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